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You are tired of trying to conceive month after month without getting results?

You can’t understand why if every test looks normal, you’re still not getting pregnant.

You are going nuts trying to understand why having your first child was said and done but you can’t seem to be able to have a second one?

You are feeling lost and frustrated, and you want to understand the true root cause of why you are not conceiving.

You can’t believe that your only options are IFV or IUI, and you don’t feel ready for that yet.

I get it. I hear you. I have been there too.

But guess what? You have the power…

To improve and optimize your fertility.

To regulate your menstrual cycle.

To control your mood swings and cravings.

To stop depending on painkillers to get through the day, stop the headaches, the weight gain, the acne, the breast tenderness, the bloating, the insomnia…

To nourish your body and mind and thrive.

You have more power over your fertility that you have ever led to believe.

You have the power to get pregnant!

Why You Need a Fertility Nutritionist?

How you eat and what you eat can have a profound effect on your hormonal health and fertility. More that you have ever thought. And definitely much more than your doctor tells you.

Research has not only demonstrated that there are known hormone-disrupting compounds in foods, chemicals, and stressors that affect fertility but also that conception rates improve when we eliminate these harmful products and support the body with the nutrients it needs. This is science backed. Research shows that nutrition and lifestyle changes can improve your chances of conception by 40%.

That’s exactly what Fertility Nutrition is about

A Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) is certified by the nutritional therapy association to help people support their health holistically with individualized nutrition, and support of foundational health. We’re trained to address and assess the foundations of health: blood sugar regulation, digestion, fatty acids, minerals, hydration, stress, exercise and sleep, in order to optimize endocrine, cardiovascular, immune and detoxification function, and help clients customize a nutrient dense diet that nourishes them and support them in achieving their health goals.

A nutritional therapy practitioner is not a registered dietitian. We cannot diagnose or treat disease nor can we give medical advice. We recognize that disease is complex so we focus on the concept of bio-individuality: where every individual has a specific genetic, ancestral and geographic makeup that determines their own unique nutritional needs.

Do you know that it takes 3 months for your eggs and your partner’s sperm to fully mature?

Diet and Lifestyle during these 3 months are crucial factors in your pregnancy outcomes affecting the health and viability of your eggs and your partner’s sperm, as well as the health of your future baby. Wouldn’t you want to work on these if given the option?

You have more power over your fertility than you have been led to believe

Are you ready to optimize your fertility?

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